It takes a village to raise our children. That’s why as a member and former President of District 29’s Community Education Council, Alicia has worked to bring all of our community’s players – parents, educators, administrators and advocates – to the table, to empower them and our children for a better future. As CEC 29’s President, Alicia was able to partner with community stakeholders to deliver over $30 million in Capital Funding to the district for needed construction, improving school buildings, classrooms and playgrounds.

Alicia knows that parents need to be advocates for their children and as much as possible, more actively involved in their education. As an Assembly Member, Alicia will work diligently with parent groups to facilitate communication with the Community Education Council and our Superintendents, as well as keep parents and advocates apprised of grant opportunities for programming. She will fight for dollars to employ more arts, music and specialty teachers to expose students to STEM and emerging career opportunities. She will also prioritize the reduction of class size and school overcrowding.

Alicia is a supporter of school choice and will fight ensure that dollars from Albany are delivered to all schools in the district.


You only have to take a walk around the neighborhood on a Sunday morning to see the lines at food pantries getting longer and longer. Our community should never have to choose between paying their bills and feeding their families. With Alicia as District 29’s next State Assembly Member, she will fight alongside our Democratic Governor and Assembly Democrats to win a $15/hr minimum wage (something that Senate Republicans have repeatedly worked to block), as well as expand existing programs that offer fresh produce and food access to those who need it.

In addition, Alicia knows that diverse communities need diverse choices. If elected to State Assembly, she will prioritize workforce development initiatives to place more of Southeast Queens’ young people into jobs. She will marry career and technical schools already licensed with the State Education Department to our high schools, to create a pipeline to employment. Through partnering with community organizations, state agencies and local leadership, she will strive to create a social, cultural and economic landscape that brings our sons and daughters opportunities to have great careers whether they go away to college, stay home and learn a vocational trade, or start a business that helps employ others in our community.


Local institutions are the backbone of the Jamaica community. Organizations such as A Better Jamaica, the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and the Jamaica Avenue, Sutphin Boulevard and Farmers Boulevard Business Improvement Districts play a vital role in maintaining and improving quality of life for people of the District. If elected to the Assembly, Alicia will prioritize these and other emerging groups to ensure they have the opportunity to flourish in Jamaica’s dynamic economic climate.

Conversely, Alicia knows that although development brings opportunity, the community must also be vigilant against any proposed changes that would shut out longstanding members from its benefits: District 29 must continue to be affordable for those who invested in its growth. To that extent, if elected, Alicia will be a clear voice for more affordable housing in the area, retail jobs that match the cost of living and equitable investment in areas outside the downtown Jamaica area.

New developments must be sensitive to the impact made on families, schools and neighborhood parking. Alicia will stand with community members against structures that will affect residential landscapes, fighting against towering developments in suburban parts of the district and proposals that are out of touch with the character of the community.