Press of Southeast Queens Endorses Alicia Hyndman

On Tuesday, voters in Southeast Queens will go to the polls to vote for a new member of the state Assembly. In a rare instance, there are two competing candidates running for the seat. Democrat Alicia Hyndman and Republican Scherie Murray. In a community where very often politicians run with nominal or no opposition, it is good to see voters offered a choice.

However, we believe Hyndman is the superior candidate. Scherie Murray clearly has a desire to serve and knows and loves the community, and we praise her for that. But Hyndman has the experience and knowledge that matters. In her years as president of the community education council in District 29, Hyndman proved herself to be a fierce advocate for Southeast Queens students, often unapologetically butting heads with the Bloomberg administration. Her voice on education is one that will be welcomed and needed in Albany.

The seat Hyndman is running was left vacant by former Assemblyman Bill Scarborough, who is the latest in a seemingly never-ending parade of Southeast Queens politicians who have seen their reputations and political careers implode because of illegal activity. Constituents in the 29th Assembly District lost an experienced legislator with seniority, a huge asset in Albany, because of his and ethical failings. And this isn’t the first time. Shirley Huntley, Malcolm Smith, Ruben Wills, Allen Jennings, the list of Southeast Queens officials whose legal troubles have affected what they can deliver to our community is long.

It is our hope that new leaders, which will include Hyndman,will begin to change the perception that politicians representing our community are corrupt. Alicia Hyndman will bring a new perspective to the legislative process and we hope her voice will be heard and followed both in Albany and in Southeast Queens.

The Press of Southeast Queens endorses Alicia Hyndman for State Assembly.

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